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Below are 2 of Badr's chickens on the yard of whom I am especially fond. Sadly, Mrs Brown died a month or so ago, but Bumble is still batting despite having been bullied by the other chickens during last summer until Mrs Brown came along - they kind of adopted each other - united in their battle for achieving a non-getting-pecked order amongst the other chickens! Bumble is also known as the Hitler Chicken because she has a very particular walk due to one leg having preivously been injured - she looks like she "goose-steps" like a Gestapo (perhaps that should be chicken-steps - groan). Anyway, here's a sweet video of Bumble & Mrs Brown


Another funny example of Rolly playing with stuff!


Well, this little horse never ceases to amaze me - he is so "into" everything. His latest thing is to hold the feed bucket over the stable door asking me for more food! Unbelievable. Here's the vid...


A few vids of Rolly that speak for themselves!


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