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Barolo in harness

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Well, I found through searching on the web that my little horse has also at some time been trained to harness!  I have never driven a horse before (except a couple of times when I was younger) so it may be fun to get Barolo to teach me!  Here are some photos from his old owner, Annika Hoppen, when she used to drive him - I am very excited at the prospect of being able to learn how to do this...



More photos of Barolo

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This is a photo I got from when my horsey had just been born - isn't he cute - or maybe not with all that afterbirth stuff on him!


This is a bit cuter - no afterbirth stuff - just sweet Barolo as a foal.


Well it is all very exciting.  My horse Barolo arrived on Monday 19 May 2008 - a beautiful Knabstrupper gelding aged just 4.  I haven't owned a horse for 20 years and have loved the rare Danish Knabstrupper breed since I was a child having read loads about them in my various horsey books!   Here is a photo of him below - that is not me riding him, that is his old owner Annika Hoppen from Stuttgart in Germany from where he was delivered.  His full name is "Barolo Vom Neihaus Hoff" which is very posh and he's got the pedegree to go with it!  I just call him Rollo because his chocolate coloured spots make him look like someone has thumbed chocolate rollos onto him!  


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